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Smoky Mountain Photos - Our first wedding anniversary

For our first wedding anniversary, Raj took me on a surprise trip to Smoky mountains, Tennesse, a 5 hour drive from Atlanta. We stayed in a place called GATLINBURG on the foothills of the mountains. We stayed in a log cabin and had a great time. We drove scooters, went on a skylift and ice-skated. The only ones not captured on photo is the ice-skating part, which is lucky since all I was doing is falling down!

The return journey was one of the most beautiful ones, since the fall colours were just showing through, it was raining very slightly and the clouds were swirling around the mountains making us stop several times on our way to soak up the beautiful spectacle.

Click on the images for a larger clearer image.

On the Sky Lift in Ober Gatlinburg.
He was trying to strike a 'different' pose for the camera, but did it a little too soon or late :)

Raj on the scooter we rented in Gatlinburg.
He's not too bad a 2-wheel driver; he can never get as good (or worse!) as me.


I realized how much I missed riding my scooty only after I drove the rented scooter. But driving in Gatlinburg was too tame compared to the chaotic drive back in India.



In the ungerground forbidden Caverns in Severville.



On top of the summit in Ober Gatlinburg.



Enroute Gatlingburg
Yes - smarty's me! with my latest and shortest hair.



Outside the log cabin where we stayed in Gatlinburg



Taking a bath in our private spa in the cabin.



Enroute Gatlingburg
Is it my photography or Raj that enhances the photo?



Summit atop Ober Gatlinburg.
Mmm.. doesn't my man look smart!



On our return journey.
The rain and the clouds made a wonderful background.