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Trip to Jamaica

Being cricket fans, we missed cricket in US. Our only source was the electronic scoreboards and the ball-to-ball typed commentary in cricinfo. India touring West Indies during the summer of 2002, gave Raj and me the perfect opportunities to fulfill our longings - to see a game of cricket and to enjoy a beach holiday.

We selected Jamaica to view the first ODI and planned to enjoy at the beach for the rest of our holiday. It was Raj's birthday and I was very excited about making it a special day for him - his first birthday after marriage.

But ... the rain played spoilsport. It was raining all the nights while we were at Kingston and the match was washed off. Our lovely camping grounds on the beach in Port Maria was a mess and we had to shift to the busier resort town of Ocho Rios, where the weather continued to be miserable. Undaunted and determined to make the most of what was turning out to be a very expensive holiday, we climbed the famous dunn river falls in the rains. The sun at last recognized our determination and shone brilliantly on our last day there - enabling us to a great day at the beach and jet skiing.

The last couple of days of our vacation was indeed memorable. If only we'd got to watch some cricket in the beautiful Sabina Park. Well,... there's always later years!

In front of Bob Marley's statue in Kingston



Jet Sking in Ocho Rios


The beautiful Sabina Park stadium in Kingston


Me swimming in the sea in Ochi (yes, that little head in the distance is mine)