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Planning a vacation for our second anniversary(is it already 2 years?!), Raj took the wrong weekend off and we went on the vacation a whole week earlier. Though my first choice was Gatlinburg, the place we went to last year, Raj wanted someplace different in the mountains, so Asheville it was. The rain spells and cold summer this year ensured that the leaves would turn color early this year.

Opting not to stay in hotels or the Bed & Breakfast inns that are so common in Asheville, we stayed in a little cabin in Hendersonville, a 20 minute drive from Asheville. We visited the Biltmore Estate, built by George Vanderbilt in the late 1800's. Though it is nothing compared to the grand palaces in India, the decadent luxury of the place stiffled us. Ugh, how filthy rich the place was and they still charge $36 for admission! It was paying to feel envious and sick! The tour of Biltmore house, estate and the winery took us a whole day!

We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway upto Grandfather mountain marvelling at the beauty around us. The fall colors were in full bloom along the parkway and we stopped in several places to soak in the beauty and serenity. We went on top Mt. Mitchel, the highest peak east of Missisippi in the US, at an elevation of 6684 ft. The overcast sky and the high winds made it a surreal experience and it felt like walking in the clouds. Our visit to Chimney rock was a lovely drive, but I couldn't do any climbing when my vertigo started playing up. :(

After shopping(yippee!!) at a local crafts store and walks in the quaint downtown Asheville, we were on our way back. I drove the entire return journey(can't still believe he let me); Raj was navigating with the maps and of course, we lost our way (I am sure he failed geography in school, he just cannot read maps :))

Though it rained the entire time of our stay, that did not stop us from enjoying as it had done in Jamaica! Here, among the mountains and inside the car, the rains and clouds only enhanced the mystic beauty of the mountains.

p.s: The page might take a while to load. There are a lot of photos in here. The ratio of the number of Photos of Raj to the number of photos of me proves either of two things - my love for him or my fascination with the camera!

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